Cafe Society

I love this place but I’ve not been as much as I would have liked too.

This place is located near the post office in Huddersfield, 15 Byram Street HD1 1DR. It’s a lovely little family run cafe and isn’t directly in the middle of the town centre so it could be easily missed.
When you walk in, you have to walk down a couple of steps which is very awkward for people with disabilities and push chairs.  The staff are very helpful though and will assist if you look like you’re struggling.

They’ve built up good relationships with their customers and have their regulars in.

The music in the place is soothing, it’s not classical, I think it’s 1930’s type music but I’m not sure.  The entire place has a lovely feel to it and there are black and white photo’s on each table, my husband and I think the one we had was of a couple on the Titanic.

My husband ordered himself the Regular Cappuccino for £1.65 and the Full English Breakfast (2 Bacon, 2 Sausages, Egg, Beans, Mushrooms, Tomato, Black Pudding, Toast & Butter) £4.95

I ordered the Regular Americano with a pot of milk on the side (I like to taste it black first as most places it tastes really nice without milk, this one tastes nice without milk) £1.45 and the Regular Breakfast (Bacon, Sausage, Egg, Beans, Mushrooms, Tomato, Toast & Butter – I asked for no butter) £3.95
As I’ve said before, I’m on the Slimming World Diet and I can’t have foods that are cooked in oil or with visible fat on them so I asked how it was cooked and they said it was on a hot plate and the oil on it was from the sausages.  I asked if it was possible if they could dry fry it and they said that was fine 🙂
So they dry fried mine in a pan without oil, so I was very happy!

The staff there are very helpful and very polite, all smiles 🙂

So, total for the meal was £12.00

My rating for this place is a 9/10, the stairs is a bit of a problem for some people but I guess they can’t really help that.  They used to have a toilet upstairs which used to be a problem as it was a shared toilet and you had to go and ask for a key.  Now they have put in their own toilet on the cafe floor.  Good clean toilet too 🙂  Always a must.

Cafe Society


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