Not Impressed with Yates Bar

I’ve been in Yates a few times for a coffee and I’ve always enjoyed it.  It’s nice and quiet in the morning, not sure on the opening hours but we went in around 10am.
Yates in Huddersfield is very clean and shiny, the toilets are well scrubbed too – Always a must when visiting a food/drink premises.
The staff are usually always polite except on my last and final visit.

It wasn’t terrible but the waitress/bar staff we had was a very miserable young lady who obviously didn’t like the fact that she had to get up to work that day.

I’m on a new Diet ‘Slimming World’ and so I have to be careful what I eat.  I can eat quite a lot but I have to make sure there are no fats and sugars, and sometimes walking into a cafe/restaurant can be a bit of a struggle but I’ve found so many places are willing to adapt the menu for me if I ask.  I thought Yates would be one of them to be honest.

Most things on the breakfast menu is cooked in a bit of oil on a hot plate except for the tomatoes which are grilled.  They did have porridge there but as I wasn’t wanting milk that day as my Healthy Extra ‘A’ (I’m allowed one healthy extra ‘A’ per day which is dairy and is limited and one healthy Extra ‘B’ which is limited and is fibre)
Anyway, I ordered my husband Sammy the Breakfast Stack and Coffee (Bacon, Cumberland Sausage and egg in a toasted bun) and I ordered myself a black coffee.  I asked them if I could have the bacon sandwich (I’m allowed Bacon on this diet woo hoo!) but if they could please grill it for me instead.  Very impolitely the waitress just said ‘No’!  I asked why not and she just said that they don’t do that.  I can’t be upset with the Chef as the waitress/Bar Staff hadn’t actually gone and asked the Chef if this was possible.  I was obviously a bit annoyed at this, I couldn’t see what the problem was and I didn’t like the girls tone, it would have been more polite to say ‘I’m so sorry we are unable to do that because….’ or even a ‘Let me go and check with the Chef/Cook’
I sat down without ordering any food for myself and I was so hungry and having to sit there and watch my husband eat breakfast while my stomach was growling and moaning more than I was, was not fun.

On hindsight I should have asked the waitress/staff to check for me or asked a manager why this was not possible, but to be honest, I was so peeved off with the tone of the lass that I figured if I complained I might have a nasty surprise in my meal, lets not kid ourselves, it must happen at some places!

My husband is a Chef and even he said that one of the things to consider and help with are people’s diets whether it’s because the customer has an allergy, an intolerance or just because the customer would prefer something else.

So, I rate Yates Bar a 6/10, it would have been higher but they’re not good on pleasing the customer.
I wouldn’t go again to order food.


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