The Rope Walk

Went to The Rope Walk in Huddersfield today for a treat as the kids have been doing so well at school and their school reports show that they are above average (Proud mummy moment).  We’ve been here before and we’ve enjoyed it although there can be a wait for the food.

Today (Wednesday) they have the ‘2 Burgers for £10’ offer.  They also have 2 meals for £10 in their main menu which is everyday.

The Rope walk is a nice Bar/Restaurant which is situated next door to the Odeon Cinema.  They serve drinks (Of course), Burgers, Starters, Light Bites (Sandwiches etc), Pub Traditions such as your Steak and Ale Pie and also Desserts.
The place is always nice and clean, the toilets are clean too – The reason I always check the toilets is because when I did my Food Safety it was one of the tips they gave us.  If they’ve got a dirty toilet then what would the kitchen state be in, plus, the chefs and staff will probably use those toilets and even washing your hands you could still miss spots or re-contaminate your hands.  I personally hate using the handle to open doors in Loo’s and I always wash the tap pusher when I’m washing my hands (OK, I’m a bit of a freak I know).

Anyway, we ordered our meals, I had the lamb Kashmiri with Rice and 2 Popadoms (£6.19) :

My husband Sammy Daron and my Mum had the Big Cheese & Bacon Burger (£10.00 for them both under the offer) :

And our daughter had the Squidgy Pizza with Chips and Peas (£2.99) while our son had the Chicken Goujons with Chips and Beans (£2.99).

The food was lovely, however I wasn’t entirely keen on my curry.  The rice had obviously been reheated as it was clumpy and dry in areas so I wasn’t too pleased about that, it takes 12 minutes to cook rice.  The golden rule with rice is to NOT reheat it as it can make you ill even though I personally reheat rice for my own consumption, I think restaurants shouldn’t do this.
The little amount of lamb I had in the meal was mainly fatty and I think I spat out 4 or 5 pieces while I swallowed 3/4 pieces.
Also the curry had a ‘3 Chilli’ ranking meaning you’d expect some heat but no, this dish had only a hint, something I would have put down as a 1 or 2, my husband could eat this and he hates hot curries.  The hottest curry was a ‘4 Chilli’ rank.

Our drinks were a bit expensive.  A pint of Strongbow was £3.11.

After finishing our meal we decided to order the Mega Sundae for £5.49.  We’ve got this before and it will feed 4 people, probably even more, it’s quite big!
We ordered this and a while later we were still waiting, the kids were getting bored and so they were playing up a bit by now and I was getting a bit stressed about it all.
25 minutes later we still didn’t have anything and so my husband went up to ask what was going on and was told it should have been out by now.  Other people who had ordered main meals were receiving theirs before us, and all we’d ordered was one Ice Cream Sundae!  How long would it take!
It finally came 35 minutes after first ordering it (Yes I was keeping a tab on it, luckily we had the receipt and it had the time of purchase on it).
The ice-cream at the bottom had melted, the flakes were soft and melting and the squirty cream on top was warm and melting away.  None of us were pleased at all.
I went up to the manager to complain about the whole thing and all he could do was say he was sorry and as long as no one had eaten it that he would offer us a refund, I wasn’t happy about this but said I would ask what the others wanted to do.
While I was up there my mum collared the waiter and complained (In a nicely manner) and the waiter was very nice about it and was getting another one sorted.

A new one came out and it was much better.  The waiter had explained that he had made the original one but had asked someone else to bring it out to us as he had been called away to the bar but the response he had received was ‘No we’re busy’, so all that time it had been waiting in the kitchen getting warm.

So, I’m not too sure if I would go again, I may give them another chance because they’re not that bad, just todays was a bit of a problem, our waiter/bar staff was fantastic and very polite, I think the manager should have offered us free drinks or something as we’ve had to wait over half an hour but all we got was a sorry – guess I shouldn’t be too fussy lol.  Also, another thing I really dislike, restaurants should ALWAYS bring out a childs meal first!  I really hate it when they bring out adults first, I will refuse to eat before the kids get theirs.
My reason behind this is because not only do children eat really slow anyway, but they get bored, impatient and I’m a believer that kids come first in everything.  Ok, I know they’re not going to die of starvation but it’s not nice for a hungry child to look up and see everyone eating but them.

Todays Rate is 6/10 mainly because of the waiting and the drink prices.
Total Bill:   £38.02 for 3 adults and 2 children.


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