Jannat Restaurant

Decided last week that we would try this new Buffet place in Huddersfield called Jannat.

The offer there is great, £6.99 per person, 5 year olds and under go free.

We got there for 5.30, had to book a table, so thought this place must be heaving.  We were very wrong.
It was completely empty.

Staff here were lovely, really helpful – too helpful some might say.  Lovely place, tables and chairs are lovely and have come straight from Pakistan.

The food there wasn’t fantastic, starters were cold and the meals were warm, in their deffence, they had only opened up at 5pm, however, you would expect it to have been freshly made and nice and hot, but they’d obviously just re-used the lunch times food – not a good idea!

The main meals were all spicy!  I don’t mind spice, but my husband and kids couldn’t handle it at all.  The owner was keen to help and went off to make something mild.  I’d asked for a Korma but he’d come back with a Keema, saying that with Kormas, you just get a sweet taste, he wanted us to taste authentic Asian food.
The Keema wasn’t any different than the Keema they already had out.  Still spicy but decided not to complain about it as they had already bent over backwards.

We left still feeling hungry which is never a good sign for a Buffet!

As we were leaving, the owner asked us to tell our friends and had explained that it’s their Lunch Time hours (12-3pm) which are the best and they are more packed.
I’m tempted to go during Lunch time to see how it is, but looks like I’d be going on my own as I live with ‘Spice Wimps’ lol.