“Never Stop Courting!  It’s the key to a great Marriage!”

This is what my Grandad wrote to me in my wedding card for me and my husband.  Never stop Courting (Dating) and we’ve never forgotten this and we always make sure we find the time for each other no matter how tired or busy we are.

This Blog ‘The Coffee Cups’ is basically about our Coffee Dates, our walks together, eating out etc.  It’s reviews on the places we go to, funny things that may have happened and basically things that are probably just plan old boring to everyone else but us.
It will probably include things about the kids too and may even go off topic and will have no relation to this blog.

My husband and I have been married for over 8 years, we have two wonderful children and family means the most to me.

My husband is the comedian in the family (there’s always one!) and so a day never goes past where he’s got me laughing.  Yes, it does get a bit annoying but he’ll do something and it will have me in fits.

I’m the level headed one.  I’m the one who thinks about the future and the risks of things.  I do enjoy a laugh and love spending time with our family but I always have other issues in the back of my head to deal with such as kids dentist appointments, doctors, homework, food shop, bills etc.

Enjoy 🙂


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